Ready To Fly List

  • Mazzy Star Drone (include the package)
  • Mazzy Star Drone Battery
  • Mazzy Star Drone Battery Charger
  • Vimdrones Drone Light Show System
    • 1 Vimdrones Smart RTK Base
    • 1 Wifi Router & Charging Cable
    • 1 Spektrum Transmitter
    • 1 Tripod
    • 1 Antenna
    • 1 Feeder
    • 1 PoE power supply
    • 3 Network Cables
  • Vimdrones Drone Light Show Designer Software
  • Vimdrones Ground Station Software Ready To Fly List

Download Vimdornes Drone Light Show System.pdf

Other Additional Equipment

  • May need 220V power supply from mobile power bank
  • Some of the Power Strips
  • A set of foldable desk and chair (would be very good)

Pre-Flight Preparation

  • Battery preparation
    • Please prepare a sufficient number of batteries(more than the number of drones)
    • Please charge the battery fully(according to the flight time, the voltage is at less 8.2V)
  • Drone preparation
    • Please check the number the drones
    • Please check the airframe od the drones, especially for the propeller guard, propeller and the motor
  • Flight Path preparation
    • Use Vimdrones Designer to design the Flight path, save the .blend file and export the data

Pre-Flight Setup Procedure

  • Power the wifi router, connect the wifi router and PoE power supply with a network cable
  • Place the tripod,setup the RTK Base and the antenna, use the Feeder to connect the RTK Base and the antenna
  • Connect the RTK Base to PoE power supply with a network cable (so the wifi router can communicate with the RTK base)
  • Power the RTK Base through the PoE power supply
  • Power the radio transmitter
  • Place and locate drones, the distance between each drone no less than 2 m
  • Insert the batteries to the drones, but not power the drones

Drone Light Show System

Ground Station Setup Procedure

Run Vimdrones GCS on computer
1. When the RTK Base is enter, click Survey In button
2. Waiting for Survey In ready, Survey in(Success)
3. Click Open button, Select Design Project
4. Power on Mazzy Star Drones, red light
5. Mazzy Star Drone online, we can see the Drone Status on GCS
6. Drone Status Check Pass, yellow light
7. Click Upload button, upload trajectory Design to the drones, white light flashing
8. Select Drone 1, click Copy From Drone button, copy drone 1 location,green light
9. Click Set Home button, set home location to all drones
10. Click Takeoff button, start your Drone Light Show

Post-Flight Setup Procedure

  • Unplug the batteries of the drones to the package (charge them for the next drone light show)
  • Put the drones into the packages, then stack up the packages and tie them up with a buckle
  • Pack up the Drone Light Show System into the package
  • Pack up the remaining equipment

How to Arm Mazzy Star Drone with Remote Control

Remote Control