• Please keep the drone in a dry cool and dry environment.
    Forbidden to immerse the drones in seawater or water
  • If the drones meets rain, mist, high humidity weather during the flight, please set the drones RTL or Land. Please place the drones in a ventilated place. Wait for them to dry before placing them in a foam box.

Check Propeller & Motor

  • Please check the airframe of the drones, especially for the propeller guard, propeller and the motor before the flight
  • Please check the vibration value in Vimdrones GCS while guided control or manual control by RC.
    If the Clip value over 50 | 200 |, please stop flying the drone ASAP! Using RTL or Land control the drone back to the ground. If the vibration is continuous high,the drone can not maintain the autonomous navigation and may out of control. Generally if the clip 0 has more than 10, it need to check the vibration. While checking the vibration you need to check it from propeller/motor.
    • Please do the vibration test of the drone.
      Contact us for technical support

Manually Fly

If we repair the drone, we should manually fly the drone before adding to the system. Manually Fly the drone could help us to check the drone status.

  • Setup the Vimdrones Drone Light Show System - YouTube
  • Manually Fly the Drone - YouTube


  • Please check if the battery is damaged or swollen. If it has, please do not use.
  • After the battery is fully charged, do not store it for a long time.
    It must be discharged within 7 days.
  • Please do not store batteries at high temperatures.
  • Please do not overcharge or overdischarge the battery.

More details please jump to Battery