Install Vimdrones GCS on your computer, Mac OS or Windows

System Requirement

For details please visit Drone Show Setup.

Adding new Mazzy Star Drone™ to the system

By default the system shipped with pre config Mazzy Star Drone™, when you bought new Mazzy Star Drone™ in later orders to extend the business show scale, you will need to follow these steps to add it to current system


  • SD card (comes with drone, in the back position)
  • SD card reader

Make Drone Identification SD Card

Open SD Card Maker

  • Open SD Card Maker from Tools
  • Select SD card Device (click refresh, if you can not find it, also check whether it's mounted on your computer)
  • Set Drone ID
  • Set Wifi SSID (come with system document)
  • Set Wifi Password (come with system document)
  • Click Make button and pop up SD card

Pair 915/868 Mhz Radio Channel

New Drone Setup

  • Insert SD card back to the drone
  • Power up the drone, click Radio Pair button in Base panel and get "Drone X radio Pair Success" Notification

Pair RC Transmitter

  • Click RC Bind button in Drone panel and see orange light flash in drone, press RC Transmitter bind button and power on the Transmitter, when heard a happy voice means it success

RealTime 3D position view

Click Open Realtime 3D View to view drone's real time 3D position RealTime 3D position view

Takeoff Countdown

  • Click the time In the lower right corner, set the takeoff time
  • Click the Turn On Button, then it begin to countdown. Drones will takeoff when reach the set time
    • If the set time is less than now, it will give you a notice.
    • You could Turn off the countdown before the set time

Takeoff Countdown Setup

Operation Video